Josh Barrett is a photographer based out of Denver, Colorado.  He has 16 years experience creating dynamic and captivating images for a wide range of clients and projects.  Josh specializes in photographing people both in and out of the studio.  He is uniquely talented in putting his subjects at ease while using creative lighting and composition.  Josh has extensive experience working with university, graduate, and private educational institutions to create content for web and print applications.  With years of experience under his belt, Josh is well versed in understanding his clients needs, working with budgets, and facilitating logistics for any project.  He knows how to take clients ideas and transform them into a compelling visual piece.

 Client List: UCHealth, University of Colorado, Blue Moon Brewing Co., Colorado Christian University, Walmart, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, Starbucks, SCL Health, Denver Seminary, TEDxMileHigh, Olson Engage, VIMBY.

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